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Ever been Hunting and it starts to Rain?
What do you do?
If you had a Rifle RainCoat TM. you'd know what to do!

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

What is a
Rifle RainCoat TM. ?
RRC is the World's 1st ever soft rifle case
that DOESN'T have to be removed to fire the RIFLE?
It's so unique that it's patented and trademarked.
(Patent Pending #61/868,338)

Watch the video below to see the
Rifle RainCoat TM in action.
(Click on the arrow to start the video)

Click here to Order the
Rifle RainCoat TM

Makes a perfect Gift for the Hunter in your life.
We guarantee they don't own Rifle RainCoat yet!

Some Customer Comments about the Rifle RainCoat

Bought 2 for Christmas presents...My husband liked the Rifle RainCoat so much
he asked me to buy 2 more for his buddies. Thanks for a GREAT product. - FP from West Virginia

The first order of 3 was for myself and sons, The second order of 3, was for my
 other hunting partners who liked the rifle raincoat when I showed it to them and wanted one.
 Good Luck with future sales. - RF from New York

What a great idea! Wish I had thought of it. Simple design, built to last, and Made in the USA.
Thanks from an American. - BD from Florida

Love the Rifle RainCoat. I own a gun shop in Texas.
How do I become a dealer for you? RS from Dallas, Texas

Don't Go Hunting without it!

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